Business strategy lecture at Universidad de Alicante uses Inden Pharma as a case study

A lecture on business strategy was given this month as part of Universidad de Alicante’s MBA course. Using Inden Pharma’s case study, students were explained the keys to business success by applying preliminary analysis and a business strategy that is heavily focused on individuals.

During the lecture, the speaker highlighted the importance of “being true to oneself” or, more particularly, to each company’s own situation, since copying strategies that have worked for other companies does not guarantee that they will be effective for others.

Likewise, the “importance of individuals” was also emphasized, as well as the fact that “regardless how difficult it may be to prepare a clever strategy, convincing people to follow it will be ten times more”. In these regards, it was also indicated that productivity increases when the management speaks in a direct, approachable manner to staff, and the importance of values and corporate culture was also highlighted.

In addition to this, the speaker also referred to leadership and management habits, more particularly with regards to the importance of being proactive and having clear goals to achieve.

Inden Pharma is committed to collaborating with educational and learning centres with the purpose of promoting knowledge among students and contributing to the improvement of academic learning. At Inden, we believe that the collaboration between educational institutions and the business network is essential to train skilled professionals for the challenges that they will be facing in their labour market.

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